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Sleek. Clean. Timeless. That’s what I strive for with every project. Influenced by Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism, my work is a seamless blend of fresh, future-friendly design and user-friendly engagement. My lean, minimalistic style means your message never gets lost in the mix.

No assembly line design!

I hand craft every piece of our work with care and attention to detail. If you’re looking for fast and cheap template work, I'm not for you. If you want something distinctive, original, and utterly uncommon, give me a call.

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I'm client focused and quality driven. When you work with me, you’ve got my full attention, great skills, and absolute commitment to excellence. I’ll listen attentively to your needs and then use all the time and resources needed to create an experience completely unique to you. Here's where I rant and rave more about all that.

Strong Woman Project

Strong Woman Project

Posted on Jul 26, 2013

Lean in, leap in, whatever you want to call it. All I know is this: women are still a minority in the tech industry when they shouldn’t be. There’s been much heated conversation recently on the topic of women—or lack thereof—in tech-related fields and in positions of leadership. Maybe the debate is not so easily […]

Why Having a Good Aesthetic Just Isn’t Enough

Why Having a Good Aesthetic Just Isn’t Enough

Posted on May 10, 2013

Often it can feel like graphic designers are a dime a dozen. When you finally come across a designer who has a keen eye for aesthetics and who has an intimate understanding of color theory, negative space, typography, etc., it can feel like a big win. But when it comes to web design or application […]

What clients are saying.

No fluff. No cookie cutter design. I don’t follow trends—I do what works, and do it well. Here's a few folks I've worked with recently who can attest to that:

Theo Adamstein, Founder & Executive Director, FOTODC/FOTOWEEK DC

MKDale Design is one of the best creative firms I have worked with over the past 30 years. They are highly talented, responsive, fast and so easy to work with and in a matter of weeks transformed our website into a beautiful, user-friendly design. I have been thrilled with their services!

- Theo Adamstein, Founder & Executive Director, FOTODC/FOTOWEEK DC
Chris Lancette, Co-proprietor, Orion’s Attic

MKDale Design produced a logo that sparks peoples’ imaginations when they visit our Web site, see our banners at an outdoor market, read a flyer and look at our business cards. The logo creates a sense of wonder and immediately makes people want to stop and explore our array of antiques, art, collectible and home décor.

- Chris Lancette, Co-proprietor, Orion’s Attic
Patty Zevallos, Web Architect & Content Producer

The only people I have seen that can design that well are people with fine arts ability and training. This is someone great to use for graphic and UX design.

- Patty Zevallos, Web Architect & Content Producer